EMPLOYERS: It’s Important to Update Your Job Descriptions Annually

It is important to write job descriptions for the key positions in your business.  These job descriptions should be updated annually.Job Descriptions you write should include:

• Minimum skills a candidate must possess

• Experience level

• Education

• Personality traits

Just as important:

• Defined expectations

• Goals

• Minimum standards that must be met

• Other duties as assigned

There are other things to keep in mind when you are reviewing the structure of your business and job descriptions:

• Always consider your budget

• Review the needs and gaps of your business before adding additional individuals

• Always be interviewing

• Never – fill a desk, hire the person your company needs

• Hire strengths where you are weak

Having job descriptions protects you.  You don’t want to avoid upgrading an employee, because you don’t know how to do their job.  Often you may not know exactly what they do which is why job descriptions are essential to the success and growth of your company.